Monday, August 10, 2015

The Rot. Part Two

Jefferson spoke of the thee of liberty needing to be watered on occasion with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike. Sorry but I'm afraid the tree has rotted and the rot has gone on for too long. Oh the bark is still there and that layer of living tissue just beneath it is hanging on. But the heartwood is worm eaten and has all but lost its ability to support the rest. The 2008 crisis nearly felled it. TPTB shored it up with flimsy supports but the next one will bring it down. In spite of people's hopes,Trump is no tree surgeon, you can't repair a rotted tree. You let if fall of its own weight and destroy everything in its path or you bring it down with some semblance of order, and even that will by its very nature be an act of violence.

The rot has a name and it has spread into every corner of the globe. Its name is debt based money and the hubris that the cure for the disease is more of the disease. The disease festered to the surface in Greece and once again TPTB saw fit to crush political expression and plastered over the sore with another layer of poison. Unfortunately human history has shown that TPTB will sooner drag us into war than dismantle the rot and plant and nourish a new tree.

The American Revolution succeeded because the people already had a long tradition, made necessary by separations of distance and time, of governing their own affairs, both individually and in limited political entities. Every other revolution, from the French to the Russian, has failed. Simply because those basic underpinnings of liberty never existed. Their protagonists may have mouthed the words of liberty and freedom, but they wanted government to give it to them instead of building it for themselves.

Again unfortunately today many Americans have forgotten that the fruits of liberty come from self reliance and a lot of hard work. Sadly Jefferson's "Tree of Liberty" is long since past saving with the blood of tyrants and patriots. New trees must be planted to grow in the hearts of individuals. The question is; can this be done before TPTB drag us into a global conflagration.

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