Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Rot Spreads Exponentially

I have an old ash tree in my back yard. When I first bought this house some thirty years ago it was a bifurcated tree, half of which was leaning over the house and presented a "clear and present danger". As such it had to go. Now all these years later the stump is all decayed and gone and the rot has spread to the remaining tree.  Mind you I have not done anything to accelerate the process but neither have I done anything to retard it. So now I  am faced with a difficult and expensive task in removing it.

Such is what we are faced with in our government. We have failed ourselves and our posterity.  We have failed to protect or rights and trusted government a politicians to do it for us. WE HAVE DONE THE VERY THING OUR FOUNDERS WARNED US NEVER TO DO.  So now we are faced with an arduous and expensive task.

The rot in government has gone past that point in the curve where its growth has gone exponential.  Congress passes laws that no one but their campaign contributors want. The President decides which laws will be enforced and which one won't. He uses government agencies for political purposes. Now the Supreme Court has ruled and openly said that words don't mean what they say and their clear intent is meaningless if a mere five people say so. That is not how a republic works and it is certainly so far removed from any concept of a republic or a democracy as to be unrecognisable.

Our politicians and our government are as rotted as that old ash tree.  With that tree I have a choice. I could let it continue to rot until it falls of its own weight, destroying property, taking down power lines and greatly inconviencing all my neighbors or I could do the responsible thing and try to reach some agreement with my neighbors, the power company and my insurance company to share the cost and get it removed properly.

But the rotted tree of government is different because no matter how decayed it becomes the self serving politicians will use its equally corrupted bureaucracies and institutions to prop it up so that they can continue to feed off the remaining heartwood of the productive citizens.

Make no mistakes here, they will not hesitate to use any means of violence they deem necessary to shove their feeding tube down our throats. Small resistance to the center's power to tax and straight up expropriate private property will be met with massive force.

Doubt me? Just look at what happed to the enterprising individual in New York City who commited the horrendous offense of selling individual cigarettes. It being impossible to tax commerce at that level of sale it was of course criminalized. Never mind that that same cigarette already had federal excise taxes, state excise taxes as well as state and local sales taxes attached to it. Those were not only not enough taxes, the act of commerce beyond their reach is deemed a public nuisance so grievous as to warrent a violent arrest and an this cas resistance warrented an instantaneous death penalty!

That the police feel they have nothing better to do and that the District Attorney finds no wrong doing in such murderous, irresponsible actions shows how far the rotted institutions will go to perpetuate themselves. Small children are already being harassed for daring to sell lemonade on a hot summer afternoon. How long before some parent tells the black shirted, skinhead revenuers (and that's what they are) to shove their $500.00 vending permits where the sun doesn't shine and some child gets to witness the police turning them into an orphan right before their eyes?

Clearly such a monster cannot be confronted head on without deadly repercussions.  That does not mean however that it is unassailable.  That feeding tube they are so dependent upon does not go straight to the gaping maw at the top. It must pass by numerous ravenous smaller gullets first along the way. The powers at the top are as dependent upon those intermediate bureaucracies to perform their function of passing on the loot as they are on the loot itself.

The main stream media operates as an integral part of this system. Its status as an independent watchdog of government action had long since disappeared and it now functions more as an Orwellian "Ministry of Truth" than as an honest arbiter of information. As such it is equally vulnerable and deserving of intervention.

Matt Bracken wrote a piece several years ago outlining the glaring vulnerabilities of this tyranny. These vulnerabilities are multiple and integrated. First is the center's dependency on a functional bureaucracy and a compliant Ministry of Truth. Second these systems are of course operated by humans. Thirdly the size and flexibility of the government's security apparatus, while not finite moves and adapts very slowly.

Taken together these vulnerabilities point to how the beast of this government tyranny can be brought to account. In Matt Bracken's fictionalized tale patriotic groups started "terminating with extreme prejudice" members of the news media who were actively perpetuating government propaganda and members of the lower echelons of the bureauctacy.  The bodies, left hanging from bridges on the freeways leading into Washington DC had a chilling effect.  In the story members of the media and various bureaus began demanding protection from the Secret Service and the FBI. The truth in the story and on reality was/is that there simply not enough Secret Service and FBI agents to protect every self servind and self important government employee. Not receiving what they wanted and fearing assassination they simply stayed home and the government ground to a halt and the finger pointing began.

Of course Bracken's story is just that, a story. But that it is out there to be read and contemplated must in itself send chills down the crooked spines of government. Whether or not such conspiracies are in place I do not know.  Perhaps they should be.

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