Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Death By Criminal Unintended Consequences.

The events in Roanoke Virginia were made all the more horrorible by the fact that both one of the victims and the perpetrator captured it on camera. But that's not the real story here.

The media talking heads from coast to coast will be lamenting the tragic fate of the victims for days. Right up to the moment their bodies go into the ground and then they will be quickly forgotten. The sooner the better as far as the left is concerned. The story that there are blacks just as capable of such irrational hate filled violence as Dylan Roofe just doesn't fit into their narrative. Somehow I doubt a single one of their teleprompters will carry the real story. Unless circumstances force them they won't tell you what this event is really about.

This was nothing less than a black on white hate crime and the terrible consequence of decades of leftist, racist pandering to and fostering of the lack of emotional self control in the black community.

For decades now blacks have been told that their self-esteem and alleged victimhood out weighs all other factors in any and all situations. They have been told that they entitled to free housing, free food, free education, free phones, free this, free that, preferential treatment for just about anything.

Raised on the poisoned pablum of low expectation and little or no accountability, why then should be surprised that there are those that think that once they are given a job because of the color of their skin they are under no obligation to actually work, compete and apply themselves in order to keep it? The perpetrator of this horrible crime no doubt felt that he lost his job, not because he underperformed or failed to meet expectations or performance requirements, but because he has been taught and believes that racism is inherent in the nature of being white.

A sick mind constructed as such by a sick and inherently racist political philosophy, i.e. paternalistic liberalism. The families and friends of the victims will mourn the loss of their loved ones but I doubt any of them will lay the blame for the event at the feet of the real perpetrators. If they did they would sue the snot out of the leftist politicians and college professors that have foisted the horror of "white guilt" on the public for the last 40+ years. Don't hold your breath.


  1. "Roger That!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    By far "THE BEST" explanation of our current "State of Affairs in Our Country!!"
    Got Gunz....*OUTLAW!!!!,

    (*) "OUTLAW" To paraphrase the "Cheshire Cat" up in the tree from "Alice in Wonderland" "We're all 'OUTLAWS' now.....You Know?"

  2. I am sure we can all see the irony of this Black Hate criminal killing "journalists".


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