Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Picture Gets Clearer Every Day.

In a previous set of leaks of Hillary's speeches to Wall Street interests she talked about the need to have both public and private positions on issues. Today we get another leak of Podesta emails stating that she "hates everyday Americans."

This has led to frantic spinning by her paid troll army about context. We are told it's the phrase "everyday Americans" she hates not the people themselves. What a load of horse shit.

These "everyday Americans" aren't quite as dumb as she would hope. It doesn't take a Harvard trained lawyer to figure out that this statement of contempt and the pathetic attempt to spin its clear meaning meshes together with the public vs. private statement quite seamlessly.

Mr. trump was correct. She does have a hate filled heart. May it rupture in agony come Nov. 8th.

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