Tuesday, October 18, 2016

An Open Letter To Bernie Goldberg And The Rest Of The So-called Conservative Pundits.

Bernie Goldberg in his latest column continues his underhanded attempts to hand the election to Hillary. Quoting David French? Seriously? The only thing positive to be said about David French is that he wasn't stupid enough to accept Bill Kristol's attempt to get him to run as a third party candidate. National Review? Again I ask, seriously? NR has had their knives out for Trump from the get go.

Come on Bernie let's look at the REAL story here. The neocons have had such a lock on the Republican party since Bush 41 that they have actually convinced themselves and many others, unfortunately, that they really are Republicans and conservatives. Nothing could be further from the truth. They might have some minor ideological differences with the Democrats that they use as smoke screens to blind the voting public, but the reality is that they run in the same globalist/banking cartel/Wall Street financial parasite circles as the leading Democrats do. This isn't speculation, were not stupid. We can compare the donation lists and you see the same corporate and individual names come up over and over again.

The other great commonality we see that they have is their contempt for Trump or anyone who dares expose the one party state fraud of the last three decades whose sole goal has been the accumulation of more and more power and control into DC and to hell with the states and the citizens.

Well Bernie, like with the Brexit vote, the little people have had enough of being paid lip service and then getting spit on and denigrated once the election is over. Bernie, you and your elitist pals just don't get it that Trump's support is as much or more anti-establishment in nature than it is pro Trump.
The man is a vehicle, albeit an imperfect one, but he's the only one we've got for our years and years of pent up frustration with out of control government, out of control spending and elitist lies and condescension. Or may be you do get it and that's what's got you so darn scared that your stinking little game is about up. Time for you and George Will and the rest of you neocon waterboys to retire and get out of the people's way. Oh and take Bill O'Reilly and Bill Kristol and David French with you.

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