Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It's All Pure Coincidence I'm Sure.

What if?
Pres. Trump wanted to get precise information on Al-Baghdadi's location. He knew that withdrawing U.S. troops from northeastern Syria would enrage the left and possibly embolden ISIS. Because the successful destruction of the geographic Caliphate have deep state connections to both Syria and ISIS  was been severed?  Was someone in need of getting a message to Al-Baghdadi in person?

But someone going in there while shells and rockets are being lobbed across the border in both directions and Turkish forces are pressing in to Syria is highly problematic. If someone was going in there need to be a cease fire.

Suddenly there is a cease fire and Pelosi and Schiff head out to Syria virtually unannounced. Does anybody really think this is coincidental? Why have neither of them made any significant statement on why they went, who they met and what they did there?

Just as suddenly, accord to the New York Times, Al-Baghdadi's location is determined while these two shitbags are in the Syrian sandbox. More coincidence?

It's no secret that the Obama admin was largely responsible  for creating, arming and training ISIS. Trump is well aware of this.

Pres. Trump had issued the command authority to take Al-Baghdadi last week. Is it possible that Pelosi-Schiff were on a mission to get a message to Al-Baghdadi? Did Trump suspect this and had them and anybody they came in contact with under close surveillance and this was how Al-Baghdadi's exact location was determined?

Can this shit get any deeper? Just wait. There more coincidences to be seen. During Trump's press conference he was asked if he had notified Pelosi or anyone in Congress and he very directly stated that he did not because he didn't want any leaks or American casualties.

Pelosi is not yet among those Trump has directly called traitors. But I'm sure in his mind he considers her and Schiff as such. So did Trump somehow arrange this string of coincidences and manipulate Pelosi and Schiff to nail Al-Baghdadi?

Was this a Military Intelligence operation that deliberately skirted around the civilian three letter agencies? Given the frantic parade of so-called witnesses connected to those agencies being called by Schiff in his Star Chamber hearings, it would certainly seem possible.

It has since been revealed that this was carried out by an Army Delta Force unit. It is not known yet if this unit was part of the "Army of Northern Virginia" that operates out of Quantico. It certainly seems possible.  The fact that there were no leaks seems to indicate that it was MI not CIA of NSA.

Pres. Trump also mentioned, in more than a passing manner, that a number of documents and  other materials were seized during the raid. Does any of this material and or a surveillance ops on Pelosi and Schiff while they were in the sandbox indicate that they had passed info to Al-Baghdadi?

This is of course all speculation of an outsider looking in at what appears to be a string of bizarre coincidences. But how many coincidences have to occur one after the other before statistical improbability sets in and makes mere coincidence not just improbable but impossible?

Hey maybe I'm just crazy but if I can string this together others are as well. Including the aforementioned shitbags Pelosi and Schiff.


  1. Watch your back. If any of this "connect-the-dots" implicates Shrillary, you may be in danger of Arkancide. Why? Just because.

    Toxic Deplorable Racist B Woodman

  2. I originally said it was a grandstanding tour of Demorats but if it nails HVTs perhaps they should take more trips. And certainly if it nails them (Demorats) to the wall.

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    1. 40Head!? Didni know.:)


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