Monday, September 30, 2013

Having the Last Laugh! Rev. 1

it seems our miss Tish's boss, one Julie Moss, got word of what she had done. Apparently she was not very pleased.  I have received an email from Ms. Moss apologizing for what Tish head done in deleting all of my comments. Wow!  A journalist with some integrity?  We can certainly hope so.  I'll have more when I get time to post Ms. Moss's email.  It can be found in the comments of the previous post.  My crimes apparently were that I didn't roll over a play dead and gave it back better than our resident fascists dished out.  Some kind soul might do me the favor of sticking it up Mistress Clara and stinkray's nether regions.

And the hilarity continues!  It seems one of our not so illustrious attack-dogs from the McClatchy are not to happy about either Ms. Moss apologizing to me for Tish Wells having deleted my posts in a wholesale manner or that I continue to write about their particularly reprehensible behavior.

Either way the response is predictable. One of them (I suspect stingray68) attempted to post a comment to this post with one of their delightful expletives in the form of a personal characterization.  What a surprise I know.  Funny how they all seem so eager  make the switch to fraudbook on the McC site wherein they will allegedly be required to use their "real names" and yet they attempt to post anonymously on mine! Again a real surprise I know.

I am in the process of composing a response to Ms. Moss's letter to me and I will post it when I have completed it and sent it to her.

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