Monday, November 23, 2020

Sidney Powell: Saviour of the Republic?

I have not the slightest doubt that Sidney Powell, not to mention her tacit alliance with L. Linn Wood, scares the bejezus out of these leftists. And I'm also sure that the higher up on the chain of corruption and treason the more sleepless nights she is creating.

The louder and more insistent the Demonrats and their RINO scum satraps become in insisting that Trump concede "for the good of the nation" the more certain I am that she and her intrepid team have found more than even they had imagined. The more personal and vitriolic the attacks against her become the more absolutely convinced I am that the conspirators will have no answers to the evidence she will present except to deny that it even exists.

The Biden steal was a last desperate attempt to stem the tide of American populism and national pride that remain an obstacle to all kinds of collectivists. It was the culmination of long laid plans. The communists have already completed their long march through the universities and the entertainment industry. (Objective journalists simply no longer exist. If one looks at any of them honestly all you find are varrying degrees of truth and lies.) 

They had fully expected this plan to come to fruition with Hillary in 2016.  By the end of her first term the size of the middle class would be driven below 45% and the population so demoralized and dependent on government handouts that by the beginning of her second she could just turn the keys over to the ChiComs and nobody would notice.

But then a force fully emerged. A man who said things they had lauded him for in the past. Just so long as he didn't really act on what he said and kept writing donation checks to their campaigns. But now the time for friendly chats with Oprah were over. The time of firing people for fun and profit on TV was over. Time to put action to words had come and the much put upon and fed up indignant Americans was determined to be right there with him!

And with them they were in 2016 and they are with him in even greater numbers today! The foolishness, incompetence and emptiness of 8 years of Obama was there for all to see no matter how much the media tried to hide it. Trump became Obama's stark legacy of refutation. With Trump's victory so to came the time to put every conceivable corrupt idea into play. Not just into play but put on steroids and meth.

Like with most all criminal operations, they were over confident. They screwed up and got caught. They know 5hey did it, we know they did it and they know we know they did it. And again I'm pretty sure they aren't particularly confident that Sidney Powell doesn't have the goods on them. They know that not a single person she named as corrupt in the Federal DA's office ever sued her for slander, libel or defamation for her book "License to Lie." Why? Because truth is always an irrefutable defense.

The crashendo is building and it going to break upon and out of the Supreme Court. Which side gets washed away and which side will remain as the waters reced only time will tell, but it won't be long.

Somebody should start a dead pool on who the first Arkanside victim will be. Once the first one drops the rest are trapped. Caught between the rock of merciless Arkanside and the hard place of an FBI that nobody in their right mind trusts.

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  1. I do so hope you are correct! How a nation that was the most powerful in the world at the end of WWII has fallen into a pathetic mess in a single lifetime is disheartening at best. Frightening at work.


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