Thursday, November 5, 2020

Push Is Coming To Shove Very Quickly.

 What the left doesn't realize is that this nation's conservatives are just as if not more determined to preserve this republic as they are determined to destroy it. It is they who have taken up the weapons of hate and division not the conservatives. So far they have confused our passivity in the face of their escalating violence with weakness and or lack of resolve. That is rapidly changing.

Americans for most of our history have sought nothing but to live in peace, to pursue our own happiness, free from the impositions of other people and nations. We built a government whose sole purpose was to protect us from the impositions from others, internally, i.e. criminals and extetnally from foreign powers that would seek to control our actions or take territory from us. All other government actions beyond those that supported the protections of INDIVIDUAL rights and securing the borders was and should be regarded with suspicion.

Well now, as the corrupt leftist politicians who have long acustomed themselves to abusing our election process with their games and cheating, they are being confronted by the righteous indignation of inspired and angry conservatives who are saying, " enough is enough, this ends now!" This leaves the left in a state of irrational confusion. Their attitude seems to be that this is how we have conducted ourselves (illegally) before so we're not going to change no mater who challenges us or shows up with a court order directing us to open the process as proscribed in the law. After screaming at us for 4 years that "No one is above the law," they now expose their hypocracy by openly refusing to comply with the law.

As far as I am concerned the best case scenario would be for the Republicans to go to the SCOTUS asking for relief in PA but also questioning the legality of the vote in all these game playing states that have abrogated the Constitution stating that the process has become so contaminated as to make an honest count all but impossible and requesting that their results be set aside and excluded from the electoral count. These states have so allowed corruption into their systems that their failure to address and correct them over decades has abrogated their responsibilities as states and they should be excluded from this election. My druthers would be that they be returned to territorial status untill their governments, constitutions and systems are reformed so as to forever guarantee the electoral rights of their citizens. I.e. they must return to "republican" forms of government as the Constitution requires they maintain. These leftist a holes had best realize that the 14th Amendment and the Insurrection Act are still on the books and win, lose or draw, Donald Trump is still the President and has every authority to use them in order "Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

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