Friday, November 20, 2020

Alinsky Rules For Thee But Not For Me? Think Again...

 Time perhaps to adopt that Alinsky rule about making the enemy follow his own rules. If they say we can’t gather in groups larger than than “allowed” and both dare and demand they arrest be arrested when the cops show up. Flood the intake facilities and courts. When they try to fall back to issuing citations, rip them up in their faces and demand they arrest you for littering! Have large, loud parties and then report yourselves. Rinse repeat.

Then watch as the crime and murder rates rise and the left tries to blame Trump supporters. The answer of course us to say: Now wait, you leftist have been calling for defunding the police. You want this not just to grab those financial resources but PRINCIPALLY to reduce or eliminate police presence in minority communities. Well we’ve done half your job for you! We’d think you would get grateful. Now we want to see you demand the police stop spending time and resources on suppressing your political enemies and put them back in the business going after real and violent criminals. Have fun! We will be watching with great interest!”

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