Monday, April 3, 2017

The Plot Thickens. Rev. 1

Just as President Trump predicted, the latest revelations are showing that Obama's National Security Advisor and chief bought and paid for lying sack of shit, Susan Rice was indeed requesting, examining and disseminating Russian security intercepts and specifically asking for the revelation of the redacted names of members of Trump's campaign and transition teams. This of course follows her doing a Sgt. Shultz impression less than two weeks ago saying, "I know nothing about any unmasking" about these very same intercepts.

Given that Susan Rice is a proven liar and Obama flack, were she called to testify before Congress or perhaps at a trial, any lawyer worth his salt would ask; "Ms. Rice, were you lying then or are you lying now?" She would, I have no doubt, try to plead the 5th faster than shit through a goose.

I can only imagine the seething rage at Bloomberg and the New York Times, both of whom had the story and we're deliberately sitting on it to both protect Obama and prevent Trump from being vindicated. Mike Cernovich of the Danger and Play website, who broke the story, has further revealed that his sources were not a leakers at CIA or NSA but within the IT departments of both of these so-called news organizations. He has also said that he has more information yet to be revealed.

The calls for Rice to be hauled before Congress have already started. Little wonder then why Obama has all but gone into hiding. Perhaps Cernovich has evidence directly connecting Obama, Valerie Jarrett or Hillary. Perhaps Congress will force immunity down Rice's throat and tell her to spill the beans or face a long stretch for contempt and obstruction. Hillary may yet decide that she was better off lurking in the woods around Chappaqua. I suspect the fun is just beginning!

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