Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Poor Susan!

Susan Rice made a conscious decision to lay down with dogs and now all those fleas she got are bitting more than just her ass. The latest revelation is that she requested "detailed spreadsheets" on communication intercepts involving members of the Trump campaign team. There is nor was there any evidence of any wrong doing on their part or that of those Russians they happen to have been talking to.

The most important questions that must be answered are; who ordered the unmasking of US citizens, why did it continue after they showed no evidence of wrong doing, and who exactly did this information get distributed to?

As mentioned previously Obama seems to be in hiding. If Hillary, Podesta or anyone on her campaign were recipients then there are grounds for criminal charges. Not if, but when Rice gets subpoenaed to testify before Congress will she 1, flee the jurisdiction, 2, take the Fifth or 3, suffer some "unforseen" accident" or sudden despondency leading to "suicide"?

If she is smart she will somehow get the message out that she wants immunity and witness protection in a cave somewhere in the Canadian Rockies. She best figure out real quick that she is a highly expendable cog in the DC political machine. There are those who won't hesitate to solve their problems with her head.

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