Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Ghost Has Been On A Brief Vacation.

In the interim the world and its insanity goes on. Sometimes it gets harder and harder to care. A symptom of getting older I guess.

Join the North Korean Army
or slowly starve to death.
Korea: Yawn. Big deal. So what. Yes the little fat boy is a menace and nobody wants to see NK armed with nukes and the missiles to deliver them. Somehow though I don't think either China, South Korea or Japan or the US want to take on the burden and costs of trying to assimilate millions of starving and brain washed people into civilized society. It would require a multi-generational effort and the rest of the world is far to enmeshed in their own pending crises.

The abundance of Socialism.
Venezuela: The inevitable end to stupid people being suckered by greedy so-called socialists more than a willing to take them for every centavo they have. And then the money... and the food runs out. See Cuba.

Syria, destruction and death
for 3500 years. This is just
the latest spasm.
Syria: Yawn again. The place has been the crossroads of wars for 3500 years. Really why should we care now? Just so long as the mess eggs confined to Syria and northern Iraq I say let them kill each other. If we want to join in it should be confined to obliterating the nastier elements but strictly from the air and then if we're are going to do it, do it relentlessly and quit boo hooing about civilian casualties and damaged Mosques. It's a war for cripes sake.

Even the blind can see, but not
European leftist politicians.
Europe: The EU is disintegrating at an increasing rate. Good. Maybe if they do the individual nations will realize they are on their own and they had better take me care of the Islamic invasion in short order. Call Hungary or Poland they do seem to understand the reality. Kill them, drive them out or convert them to Christianity or atheism. What ever it takes. Islam is a social and mental disease. Where ever it exists it only thrives on massive infusions of Western cash and technology. Better it should die.

Just a hate crime? BS.
An Islamic crime as well.
They are not mutually exclusive.
And then there is the good old USA: Time for Americans as well to wake up to this Islamic poison.  We have made it worse by allowing it to thrive in our prisons where it mutates and combines with black racism and illegitimcy to create an even more hateful deadly virus that manifests itself in these so called "random acts of violence" as just occured in Fresno California. Random my ass! This is Islam at work. First they kill their religious and racial enemies then they go after whatever sect they disagree with.

Tomorrow: More insanity to come, I'm sure.

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