Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Will We Ever Purge The Stench Of Corruption?

One of Mark Twain's famous remarks was that, and I'm paraphrasing here, history may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme. When FBI Director Come made his shocking decision in July to not recommend charges against Sec. Clinton she and her team no doubt thought that it cleared the last real obstacle to her coronation as the Democratic candidate and the Presidency. She and her team presented the decision to the public as if it were some pronouncement of innocence of any wrong doing. The Director was praised as Solomenesque in his decision.

Now just a few weeks later that same Director has said in essence, hold on a minute we have found new evidence and my previous conclusion might have been in error. After that original decision was announced it was discovered that former President Clinton met in secret with AG Lynch just days before Hillary was to be interviewed by the FBI. If that didn't smell of three day old dead fish we later discovered that Clinton crony and confidant Terry McAuliffe had facilitated the transfer of close to half a million dollars into the campaign coffers of an obscure individual running for a seat in the Virginia legislature who just happened to be the wife of FBI's lead investigator looking into the Clinton email scandal.the growing stench of corruption was just waved off b the MSM as if to say "move along, move along, noting to see here.

But wait folks, break out the oil of camfor, because the stench just got worse. The DOJ, having been unable to thwart Director Comey's letter, has now announced that the new lead investigator in the reopened inquiry is none other than the laws school classmate and close friend of John Podesta who just happens to be Hillary's campaign manager.

This doesn't have just the appearance of impropriety it stinks exponentially beyond anything up to this point. Mr. Trump needs to be shouting thus from the rafters and letting the public service that a Clinton Presidency will in fact reduce the Republic to as state of corruption worse than any third world dictator could dream of. His must reiterate that it is just such naked, shameless corruption is why he will appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into not just Hillary's email scandal but the foul orders  arising from the DOJ and the FBI.

Pray for our Republic. She has not ever needed them more than now.

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