Friday, November 18, 2016

A Most Vicious And Desperate Backlash

In the aftermath of the rise of the middle class, finally reacting to being crapped upon by the politicians of both parties and the establishment media, the reaction of the global elite has been to, as per their usual tactic, turn logic and common sense on its head.

The last thing these paid hacks and their Fabian socialist directors wanted was for their viewing public (what little that is left of it) is to consider that poll after poll was showing that the public not only openly mistrusts the news media but holds them in utter contempt as well. So we are now going to get the true fascist backlash of the besieged power elite. The claims that any information outlet that is not in conformance with the establishment line is now to be labeled as "fake news".

This despicable and desperate reaction was first telegraphed by the leftist mouth piece Bill Maher shortly before election day. Apparently reading the writing on the wall, he came out to do his best "the boy who cried wolf" impression, stating that maybe the left had overplayed the "Republicans are fascists" card with its open equation of Bush 43 and Mitt Romney as all but the reincarnation of Hitler himself. He then pleaded with his audience to please ignore the previous aspersions and begged them to believe him now, when he said that Trump truly is Hitler reborn. Maher was a day late and a dollar short. The public had already tuned out the left's droning hyperbole and made their decision.

Following up on Maher's initial signal the left moved into attack mode almost immediately. The first reaction to the left's spectacular loss on Nov. 8th was presented by former Obama "Green Tsar" and self professed communist Van Jones who claimed, even before all the votes were counted, that "This was a whitelash" implying that Trump's victory was first and foremost driven by racism. Right on que the media endorsed this analysis and added the secondary causes to be nationalism and xenophobia. Both of which of course have white racism as they their root cause. I.e. Trump and his supporters are either outrightly at worst, or unwitting at best, fascists.

The problem of course was that these self important idiots can't/won't acknowledge that Trump's victory was as much or more driven by people who are simply sick and tired of being called racists or sexists or homophobes or Islamophobic at every turn while their standard of living deteriorates every day and their jobs get shipped to China or Mexico or Malaysia and Vietnam. Then the added insult of seeing what jobs are left going to immigrant labor at half the rate they used to make, while the bankers and corporation boards get fatter and fatter, their limits were reached. Don't expect the media to grasp that doubling down on the racist etc. accusations isn't going to get any more traction after the election than it did before the election.

This denial is the front of their new approach that was previously mentioned, the contention that too many people were deceived by "fake news". Unfortunately for the establishment outlets, including President Obama himself, the public has come to recognise propaganda and lies when they see it. They have turned away from the alphabet TV networks and the establishment newspapers and sought out contrary opinions and sources, and ultimately they selected a non-politician politician. Sources that they have apparently found to be more appealing and credible than the establishment ones.

They know perfectly well that the public isn't going to buy into this line so the flanking action is going to be to try and cut off advertising revenue from these alternative i.e. "fake news" sites. Google, Facebook (Fakebook) and Yahoo are simply going to refuse to allow their affiliated advertisers post on any "unapproved" sites via their platforms. I fully expect that before long if any of these advertisers find work arounds to continue advertising with these alleged fake sites they will find themselves faced with threats that if they don't "return to the fold" as it were, they will be banned from advertising on even the approved sites.

This is of course naked fascism on it face. Rather than drone on any further on this subject, I'm sure there will be more opportunities later, I will once again remind my readers of a singular quotation of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, "A media system wants ostensible diversity that masks uniformity". If that doesn't define precisely and succinctly what this "fake" news assault consists of I can't imagine what else would. Had the Clinton campaign succeeded would we be seeing a proposal that news outlets have to be licensed by the state and or federal government's? The forces of tyranny have been delt a severe setback, but they are far from being defeated or contained.

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