Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Time For The Politicians And Pundits to Grow Up.

"Mommy, Donald took my toy party away!" That pretty much sums it up as the neocon wailing shifts gear from "never Trump" to calls for a third party. The likes of George Will And Bill Kristol are beside themselves with vitriolic rage. Once Kristol even hinted he might consider "never say never" he quickly back peddled. His puppet masters no doubt called him up and threatened to take away his toy front operation, The Weekly Standard.

It's not just the regular neocon outlets like The Weekly Standard and National Review that are getting into the act. The Washington Post and The New York Times will scrape up every ex-Bush operative they can find to run this bloody third party flag up the pole to see who will salute. The Post started in today.

Well step up boys, be the men you claim to be. Throw YOUR hat in the ring. No? What a shock. Your not going to put your personal nuts in the ringer, you're going to go looking for some naive sucker to do it for you. Someone else needs to hang the albatross around their neck, not you guys.

I just wish they had the balls to come out and admit that electing Hillary had been the underlying goal since the day Jeb got his ass handed to him. Neither do they want to admit this is all about maintaining their grip on the reins of power and absolutely nothing to do with Trump not being a"true conservative".

If the voters are smart enough to be fed up with all their lies and RINO betrayals, they aren't going to be stupid enough to buy their sanctimonious  claims of ideological purity. They told us McCain and Romney were they best we could get, we held our noses and voted for them. Well no more.

It's pretty clear that the rank and file Republican voters are taking THEIR party back. If the neocons and RINOs don't like it, well maybe Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes etc. can go have one of those ocean cruises they sponsor every year and have a "pity party" for themsrlves because it's going to be the only party they've got left. Just please take Paul Ryan with you and leave him on some island some where.

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