Sunday, May 8, 2016

Closing the Trap, An Addendum

What is clear is that much of the material in question originated from within a "SCIF" (Special Compartmentalized Information Facility).

Anyone who has worked within such a facility knows that no one is allowed to remove information from within a SCIF in an electronic format, unless it is encoded and being sent to another SCIF that has been cleared to receive such information. This is done to protect not just the obvious information in the document but more importantly the metadata behind it that is an espionage operation's wet dream.

Computer systems within a SCIF are programed so that simply plugging a thumb drive into one will set off an alarm in the security office traceable to the specific computer and the individual logged onto it at the time.

Paper copies of any material are only allowed to be removed AFTER they have been reviewed and if necessary edited by the facility's security office to remove any traceability to original sources. Additionally any such paper removals are supposed to be logged by date, program, name of the individual removing it and the name of the security officer doing the review.

It certainly appears that the Clinton run State Department had some serious holes in their security set up. Gives a whole new meaning to "most transparent administration ever."

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