Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Paris, Lies, And Deadly Deflections

It is a sad commentary on both the state of contemporary political affairs and the degradation of history education that there has emerged an all to frequent theme in many an alternative media site, that Israel/Zionism is the modern  inheritor of Nazi philosophy and methodology. The hate filled vitriol that this notion is pursued with rivals that of the Nazis themselves. That the irony of this is lost upon these fools makes it all the sadder, tragic and dangerous.

To put it bluntly, it is a crock of historically shortsighted crap. Islam has been at war with any and all who reject their death cult from its very inception. Ask the Jews who founded and built the city of Medina who were slaughtered for refusing to convert. Ask the Christians of North Africa and Syria who were slaughtered for refusing to convert. Ask the Christians of Spain who fought for 700 years to free themselves from the opression and murder of the Moors. Consider the tens of tnousands who were slaughtered or carried off into slavery by Islamic piracy in the Mediterranean for over 1000 years. 

Islam has always considered that any land once conquered by Islam, belongs to Islam forever and its peoples have no right to determine their own future. It tactics of conquest by violence and intimidation have not changed one bit in 1500 years. There is not a single other culture on the face of god's green earth that Islam has ever lived in peace with, except the peace of subugation enforced at the point of a scimitar. ISIS is just the latest manifestation of Islamic 7th century barbarism armed with modern weapons.

Whenever anyone dares defy this deceitful propaganda and define Islam for what it is and has always been, namely a collectivist, totalitarian personality cult of death worship, they quickly come under attack by a legion of buffoons who immediately accuse them of being Jews and or agents of Mosad and base their attacks on such unsubstantiated falshoods and a fallacious interpretation of 20th century European history.  

They neither know or care in the least of the history or credentials of those who would dare challange their false narrative. (Just as an aside, I'm about as WASP as anyone could possible be. Thanks to the diligent geneological work of my grandmother and my cousin the family has been traced back to the Plantagenet kings of England.) The notion that Zionism, the Jewish peoples desire for a homeland where they can at least hope to be in control of their own fate, is the inheritance of Nazi philosphy and methodology is absurd on its face. These vile 21st century propagandists openly proclaim the very same Nazi and Islamic hate of the 20th century that the very existance of the Jews is a global conspiricy to control the world that reaches back to the time of the Pharaohs. 

The very last thing these despicable people want examined in the light of day are the proven historical connections between the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazi state. They don't want any examination of the history of escaped Nazis working in and helping to build the post war governments of Syria and Egypt.

Their modern day manifestation of this ancient evil must be confronted with harsh light of truth whenever it can be. Failure to do so and allowing an even greater emergence of Islamic butchery will sink humanity into a murderous barbarity that would make that of the combined horror of the Nazis, the Japanese empire and the Communists pale by comparison. 

It is up to governments to confront the physical, political and military manifestations such as ISIS and al Qaida. It is up to the courage of individuals to confront the anti-human propagandists.

Don't take my word for the truth of any of these connections. Both the written and photographic evidence of the collusion between Islam and the Nazis is plentiful and easy to find. It must be used to both confront the lies and to demonstrate the truth to those who have been deliberately kept in the dark so as to make of them a new generation of victims of these ancient lies. Simply consider the words of Yasser Arafat. "I am willing to kill for my cause, what makes you think I woundn't lie for it as well?"

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  1. The enemy is not radial t is Islam and Western willfull ignorance of its history. I


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