Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The "Big" Debate.

If one were to listen to almost any of the beltway talking heads, tonight's debate is going to be "the big one" that will be the beginning of the end for Donald Trump. Sorry but I think they spend way too much time listening to each other.

CNN has already admitted that their "moderators" plan to be anything but moderate and have a stated goal of trying to start a fight between someone, anyone and Trump. Well I guess we should expect it. The era of " objective" journalism died long ago. Now they don't even pretend or huff and puff with indignant denials when accused of being the hacks that they are.

Frankly I hope Trump comes straight out of the shoot and tears them a new asshole for their already announced bias, makes them look like the douche bags they are and instantaneously disarms what ever designated attack dogs the RNC. has set up. My guess would be Bobby Jindal and or Carly Fiorinna.

People are fed up with having to make a choice based on who they think. Will lie to them the least and/or steal the least from the public coffers. Well on the latter a count at least Trump isn't taking any special i tersest money and is self funding. People are tired of having professional politicians feed them a line of crap and false hopes about what's best for them and then getting hacks who do only what best for themselves. They don't want elitist telling them we have to "manage America's decline" but rather one who is going to reverse the decline by getting g special interests and corrupt money and bribes in all but name out of the political process.

If Trump comes out of this debate with as strong or stronger numbers than going in, and I see very little reason he wouldnt, the INC's fall back position will be to shove Job Bush down his throat as VP just like they did with he father to Reagan in 1980.  Sorry again but I don't think Trump will take that kind of "handling"  from the RNC power structure any more than he's taken any of the rest of there crap.

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