Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bodymore Goes Full "Wire" Part 2

When you take a moral basis out of the structure of law and legal thought, then you get not only immorality, but as we are seeing now, the purposeful use of law for the targeting political opposition. This is the very foundation of tyranny. In structure, form and application it is no different than the Nazi's use of the Nuremburg Laws to drive the Jews out of business which was the necessary precursor to sending them to the camps, and I would challenge any leftist to try and prove me wrong.

I don't care who does what in the privacy of their own home. But that does not give them or anyone the right to deliberately shove their behavior in other peoples face knowing full well their objections, and then using that to destroy them. So yes there is a "gaystapo" and it is an instrument of "liberal fascism".  It's 21st century form is no less as ugly and dare I say evil than its 20th century form. It is the manifestation of selfishness and generations off being taught what to think instead of how to think.

And this brings us directly back to the riots in Baltimore except that rather than being an example of what instead of how, it is a demonstration of a complete absence of any thought whatsoever.

Mayor Rawlings-Blake is a typical big city political hack. She might be fair to middling at playing politics but she is clearly in way over her head when it comes to crisis management. She stuck her foot in her mouth up to her ankle with her "room to destroy" comment. Now she doesn't eve have the integrity to admit to having made a poor choice of words. So instead she doubles down on stupid and denies she even said what is on video for all to hear and see. Rather than having made such a face first pratfall shame her from the political stage it will be used as a venue to elevate her to the next level.

Just as Hitler used his SA storm troopers to create the very chaos and hatred that swept him to power, once he secured that power he unleashed the even more depraved SS on them in the "Night of the long knives".  He executed the leaders and left what remained as a toothless adjunct to local police forces. 

Lord forgive me but I hate these people.

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