Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Bit Of Evidence....,

A bit of evidence that Putin's Russia is operated by scumbags.  I mean let's be serious here my humble site does not get a great deal of traffic.  I do have a few people who check in regularly from places around the world.  Recently however I have experienced a large upswing in traffic from Russia and Ukraine. I am accumulating a long list of referring sites with the .ru suffix.  Some of these have been Russian based industrial supply sites. Others are links to clothing, home furnishings and consumer products.  The vast majority however have been Russian pornography sites. As I fail to see that the consumers of this garbage would suddenly switch gears and move over to my humble commentary I can only surmise that the FSB trolls in the basement of Lubyanka are unhappy with my content and trying to create some association of my blog as a porno site in order to get it banned.  How pathetic.  Or maybe it's that porno is the only unfettered business operating in Russia because the Kremlin can siphon off so much money from it.

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