Monday, May 20, 2019

The Schadenfreude Is Delicious.

Yes I admit there is a certain element of cruelty to this finding delight in the suffering of others. But we're talking about lying, naive, gullible leftists here.

I'm not the only one I'm sure who bookmarked the YouTube pages of the various media mavin's heads exploding on that delightful evening in November of 2016. I particularly like watching "The Young Turks" repeatedly sputtering "Yes we are better than you" over and over again. I thought watching poor Ben Mankowitz sitting there and calmly reading off the increasing bad numbers for Hillary while the rest of them sank in into alternating dispare and paroxysms of rage was hilarious.

Just imagining  what was happening at the same time in Hillary's hotel suite still brings a smile to my face.

But never did I imagine that it would devolve into the kind of abject denial of reality and fits of hatefulness and profane rage we have seen since then. Never having even entertained the possibility that Hillary would or could lose, the new reality pushed far to many into irrationality. Again fun to watch but at some point it became sad and pathetic.

Unable to accept this inconceivable reality that Hillary had in fact been a terrible candidate who ran an abysmal campaign, they had to find and grasp on to a new, alternate reality. And the bureaucratic state of behind the scenes power brokers was ready to feed them one. An alternate reality that they had been preparing since before the election. Apparently the operatives of bureaucracy we're not as naive as the typical Hillary supporter had been. Thus the soon to be proven infamous "insurance policy" was born.

This alternative reality was based on their being convinced that Robert Mueller and his team of investigators were white knights come to rescue them from their anguish. He was going to "prove" that Trump and his entire family and staff were nothing but Russian agents who schemed and plotted with the Kremlin to steal the election. Trump and Pence were going to be indicted for treason. There were some who so deeply believed this that they thought Nancy Pelosi would become President, appoint Hillary Vice President and then resign so Hillary would become President and the proper order of the universe would be restored!

They openly talked about this delusional fantasy. We heard everything from "The walls are closing in on Trump," to "This is the beginning of the end of the Trump Presidency" to "Trump is going to prison" etc. etc. etc. I needn't repeat any more. We all heard them every night, all night for nearly two years.

But then the rumors started that the Mueller report was going to be "disappointing" at best. Well more like catastrophic for the leftists hopes and dreams. Vindicating for the President and his family. What we got rather than any sign of relief that our President was not in league with a hostile adversary was a new stream of vituperation and hate. This time directed at Mueller himself. Everything from "he was bought off" to Mueller was in league with the President all along". The childish wailing, gnashing of teeth, and cognitive dissonance that we became witness to has made that of Nov. 2016 look like a minor temper tantrum.

Robbed of their fantasies of "collusion" the left now clings to a single phrase in the report, "obstructive acts," like a drowning man in a deflating raft in the middle of an Atlantic hurricane. The nuances of actual law and what happened in the background before Mueller issued his report are the very last thing the left wants to discuss.

So enough of the background that brought us to this state of affairs. As amusing as their thrashing about is and as much I enjoy my schadenfreude at their distress, let's be charitable here and explain a few facts for them. As for the first chapter of the report dealing with collusion, cooperation, conspiricy or what ever the left chooses to call it, it is a dead letter. The report makes that unequivocally clear. Now what it opens the door to as far as Barr's own investigations will be another chapter of irrational delusions. But more on that later.

As previously stated "obstructive acts" are the new watch word for the left. So let's help them out on that account as well. Firstly nowhere in the US Criminal Code (USCC) is the term "obstructive acts" defined as criminal. Secondly those sections of the USCC dealing with Obstruction of Justice apply only to actual judicial proceedings. The problem the left has in this regard is that the Supreme Court has ruled previously that an investigation is not a judicial proceeding wherein both sides are allowed to present or even decline to present evidence supporting their position.

In spite of all the left's dreams of obstruction charges and even a lengthy discussion of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) in the last pages of section two of the report it does not make any specific charges of obstruction against anyone and specifically states that that decision is to be left to the AG. As 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) is extremely broad and vague in it structure as regards "possible pending procedures" as to allow even legal acts defined as being under presidential authority in the Constitution, to be considered as obstruction. This, and no doubt some solicitation by Trump's own legal team, led to Barr's initial 19 page memorandum on his own interpretation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) that was sent to Rosenstein rather than Mueller. Rosenstein and Mueller were of course free to dismiss Barr's interpretation of 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) and they did. But when the election was over and Sessions was fired and Barr nominated and confirmed as the new AG the jig was up so to speak. The final decision on how 
18 U.S.C. § 1512(c)(2) was to be interpreted and could or could not be used to press charges was now solely in Barr's hands. Mueller and his team were checkmated even before their report was compiled.

Weissmann resigned and headed for the hills and within six weeks of Barr's confirmation Mueller filed his report with AG Barr and closed the investigation. He was now officially out of work. When Barr released his initial summation letter a new round of cognitive dissonance set in. In short order it was realised that after two years of deification of Mueller, trying to cast him in a new role of traitor to the cause wasn't going to fly with their base or the public. With Mueller essentially out of the picture and Trump, his family and staff exonerated by the report, Barr, by default, became the next and only available target.

So now we have the next round of hate filled rage, induced by nothing more than the Democrats not getting what they had told everyone who could hear them, they were sure Mueller would find. Suddenly with but the single act of appointing Barr as AG, Trump has not just closed out the investigation and turned the tables on the Democrats but kicked open the hornet's nest. With Barr saying that there was spying and he was going to find out if it was properly predicated and if established protocols and proceedures were followed he has struck fear into the hearts (as small as they are) of not just Comey, Brennan, Clapper and their minions who set this coup attempt in motion but also into the center mass of the Democrat establishment.

Ladle up another big helping of schadenfreude!   With the Horowitz and Huber reports on the immediate horizon and now what is in essence a special prosecutor appointed in the person of Durham, the shadow of Leavenworth Prison is reaching out in their direction of the plotters as well. As there is "no honor among thieves" we are already seeing infighting between Comey and Brennan as to which of them was responsible for foisting the bogus Steele dossier into intelligence assessiments and eventually the FISA Court warrant applications. That this argument has broken out into public view amounts to an admission that they all knew it was a Clinton/DNC paid for opposition research document and not a "verified" intelligence assessment to begin with. Now I think we can add a ladle of "you can't fix stupid" sauce to that plate of schadenfreude.

The evidence supporting the President's long held contentions that his campaign was illegally spied upon and that the Mueller investigation was a witch hunt is accumulating at an increasing rate. As it does and this evidence becomes undeniable, even by the leftist lap dog media, someone in the Democrat elected establishment is going to put their self-preservation over and above their hatred of Trump and that is going to require some previously iconic and unassailable individuals go under the wheels of the bus. Then the question will be, will they be able to control, not just the bleeding, but public outrage and the losses at ballot box or will it turn into a fatal exsanguination. Either way popcorn sales are going to go through the roof.

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