Friday, May 3, 2019

It Is Finished

Somehow, someway, Barr found out the Mueller was not going to charge anyone for collusion/conspiricy or anything of the sort, and that he was going to hang his entire case for obstruction on a single obscure and vague subsection of the statute that is so broad as to make it possible to interpret even legal acts as obstruction. This is what led Barr to write his own 20 page brief on his interpretation of said obscure subsection.
He submitted this brief not to Mueller but to Rosenstein who no doubt sent it on to Mueller. Barr, being known as one of the most competent attorneys in the country, his brief apparently blew Mueller's premise out of the water.
Thus when Sessions was fired and Barr was nominated and confirmed as the new Attorney General, Mueller and company knew that the jig was up. Barr's brief had them checkmated before they could even make their play and they knew it. So less than six weeks later (note here that the investigation had at that point been funded through September) Mueller submited his report with no findings of collusion and more importantly no findings of obstruction. Apparently even Mueller recognized that any justification he put forth for obstruction would not stand up to Barr's interpretation of the statute if taken to court. Which it most assuredly would have been. This also explains why the slimebag Winestein immediately beat feet out of town.
Sciff for brains, Nadless Nadler and a the rest have nothing and they know it, but they went all in Texas Hold 'em style and they have no other option but to try and destroy Barr over what are now a couple of completely irrelevant letters.
It's over and the left knows it but they can't let go now. Attacking Barr is the only thing keeping their heads above the surface of the cesspool of lies that they have filled to the brim and are now drowning in.
They filled it with their shit, now let them drown in it. The sooner the better for the country and for all concerned.

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