Friday, August 10, 2018

I Didn't Ask For Verification But...Voltaire Is Dead.

In my last post I discussed the, deserved I feel, demise of long time pundit Bernard Goldberg by his own hand, by employing a questionable character to operate his comment areas and allowing him to use the same Alinskyite tactics as the left. His favorite being labeling people as racist, giving them strikes and then banning them.

Today, as a new post was put up, there was a new addition to the comment area. Individuals now are required to " verify" their email address before being allowed to post. This is of course an open assault on both individual privacy and the important concept of anonymous political commentary, especially when dealing with those more concerned with the maintenance authority and influence than with either the truth or honest debate. It is a long standing concept, without which the American revolution could not have been undertaken, never mind succeed.

Voltaire said, "I disagree with what you say, but I will defend unto death your right to say it."

These concepts are already dead in much of Western Europe and are rapidly dieing in American discourse. If we allow this to continue the great American experiment will succumb to fascism. Not the phony fascism of leftist delusions and accusations against the President, but very real fascism. All the horrors envisioned by the leftists will come true. But it won't be Trump who creates them. It will be by the growing coalition of the establishment left and the globalist neocons.

They are already exposing themselves in many ways and not just in the corrupt banning of information sources they don't like. The recent statements of Bill Kristol are more than adaquate proof. That acorn didn't fall far from the tree. His father was an infamous Trotskyite and now that the left is openly endorsing Trotskyite "Democratic Socialism" he is simply returning to his family roots.

This isn't taking the first step on a slippery slope. That step was taken long ago. This is stepping to the edge of a cliff. This is the 21st century equivalent of book burning.   Sadly for us all this is not the first batch of fascist to burn books. That history shows that it doesn't end well is meaningless to them.  As German philosopher and poet  Heinrich Heine noted in 1820, "Where they burn books they will end burning human beings." What was a visionary warning in 1820 is still visionary today.

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