Thursday, August 9, 2018

Bernie Goldberg Buys His Own Demise.

At one point in time, many years ago, I had a certain amount of respect for Bernie Goldberg and his exposes on media bias. He was one of them, he ought to know right?

He was of course ostracized by these very same media outlets and his primary public outlet became a weekly appearance on Bill O'Reilly's now defunked (for good reason) "No Spin Zone".

This has apparently left him with little exposure beyond social media platforms and his own web page.

Sadly, for whatever reason his has chosen to employ a nasty little fascist, who shall remain nameless for now, to monitor the comments on his site.

Maybe it's old age or maybe Bernie is in reality is just as nasty, bigoted and biased as the leftist media moguls who pushed him out. The actions of his resident attack dog and his denials if his corrupt Alinskyite tactics would seem to indicate that he is.

Poor Bernie has long since revealed himself as what is often referred to as a cuck or neverTrumper. He doesn't like the Democrats per se but he can't divorce himself from the insider game of establishment politics and punditry. He just can't bring himself to see that both political establishments lie with impunity and both are doing everything they can to destroy the United States as a soverign nation and drag us into some would be globalist coalition. To that end he was of course a Jeb Bush supporter.

Bush and the rest of the party establishment all failed miserably in the face of the Trump juggernaut and the pissed off American voters.

So now having lost the election Bernie and his attack dog have reduced themselves to using the EXACT SAME METHODS as the leftists in attacking anyone who would dare question there failed judgement. Lie about them, belittle and mock them. Call them racists, call them mentally unstable, whatever it takes to try and drive them off. Do anything and everything EXCEPT engage in honest debate. When that fails they of course resort to that oldest standby by of would be petty tyrants, they ban them from expressing their opinion on their outlets.

This is of course the same thing that was done to Bernie but that unfair treatment apparently has not provided any enlightenment.

Small wonder then that Bernie has not found a new perch on any TV outlet and his hiring of an individual of very limited education and intellect to run his web site.

Well Bernie your methods and hiring of a pernicious coward and ignoramus to run your operation will only accelerate your passing into oblivion on the internet. Censorship and 21st century book burning is a sure prescription for failure. Maybe you've earned it. If it also drags your little attack dog into that hole it's a good thing. Let me throw in the first shovel of dirt.

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