Friday, February 23, 2018

Just When you Thought They Couldn't Go Any Lower

How long until the screams for
summary justice become manifest
as real executions?
Do you want to see the very real and frightining
evidence of just how far the left has sunk the nation into moral depravity and blood lust? Just look at the video of the way members of the audience shouted "Murderer!" and "Burn her!" at the NRA's Dana Loesch during CNN's town hall meeting yesterday. What made it even more repugnant was that the so called moderator, Jake Tapper, sat there in silence and let it continue.

Why don't we just go ahead and revert to the 15th century and the kind of mass hysteria that drove the Spanish Inquisition or the Salem Witch Trials? Because if we don't want to debate issues and have rational discussions that's the direction we're headed. We have the righteous indignation. All that's missing are the scarlet robes of the Grand Inquisitor and the charges of heresy.

Jake Tapper takes on his new role
as judge, jury and executioner.
It's not Christianity or conservativism or nationalism or American traditionalism or even the 2nd Amendment that has brought us to these depths. It's the left's moral relativism and consistent and constant dismissing and disparaging of those very values that has done it. It They increasingly put on the robes of moral superiority and hold themselves in judgement over any and all who would dare disagree with them. And these people have the gaul to call themselves progressives.

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  1. "The NRA kills 0 people per day and receives $0 taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood kills 887 babies per day and receives $500 million taxpayer dollars per year. And liberals think the killers are wonderful and the NRA is evil. The epitome of twisted logic." James King, comment on Squawkbox


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