Sunday, February 18, 2018

Black Exploitation Goes Big Budget.

What, did Cat Woman have a sex change operation? If Hollywierd and the MSM were portraying "Black Panther" as just another semi-benign super hero movie nobody would really care how it does at the box office or be searching for some important inner meaning. Except they're not and the same old crowd of manipulators are playing it up as something truly new and special. Groundbreaking as a buzzword is getting worn out at breakneck speed.

So right on cue the SJW crowd and accompanying "woke" idiots are buying into this latest con game hook, line and sinker. I can think of no better example of what happens when an entire  generation is deliberately brought up without any critical thinking skills or sense of historical precedents.

Quite simply if one were to change the characters to Europeans and the name to "White Panther", the political left, the SJWs and the news media would all be tripping over themselves trying to invent new synonyms for Nazis, the Klan, xenophobia and anything or anyone that they could remotely conflate as racist. Beyond that anyone questioning the greatness or wisdom of this movie can only possibly be motivated in doing so by their inherent racism,

But meanwhile the white and Jew producers etc. will pocket millions of dollars from the urban ghetto crowd selling their food stamps to buy tickets. (Will anyone be keeping stats on any increase in the numbers of counterfeit tickets or muggings in the vicinity of theaters showing the movie?)

There will soon of course be a whole series of follow ups, Black Panther II, Black Panther III etc. and loads of low budget knock offs intended to do nothing but siphon even more money out of the black population. As P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." The Democrats core demographic base.

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