Sunday, January 28, 2018

Trump Trolls The Fools For Fools Once Again

Recall if you will the psychic meltdown in the conservative blogosphere when the President said he would sign a bi-partisan immigration bill during the White House meeting with staff and Congressional leaders. The screams of "betrayal" were all but deafening. Recall also how those concerns disappeared in the wake of little Dickey Durbin's "shithole countries" accusations.

If Trump did say it or something like it, it was a rhetorical move that was played perfectly. Twits like Durbin and the talking head fools were guaranteed to jump on it and totally miss that their phony outrage exposed their total lack of interest in finding any real solution to the immigration problem. In short Trump trolled them.

Subsequently there was of course no actual bi-partisan proposal to come out of Congress. The extremest elements would never have allowed one to come to a vote never mind pass. The President cast out the bait.

Then came the whole phony "government shutdown" charade. "No wall, no deal" became the President's announced position on immigration. The Republicans' proposal for a Continuing Resolution basically gave the Democrats everything they wanted except anything to deal with DACA or immigration. Democrats being what they are, are incapable of taking yes for an answer, so they forced the issue, refused to except the proposed CR and shut down funding. The Democrats of course could  not see up front that they had overplay their hand and were left then once again looking like fools putting the interests of a small minority of illegals over and above everyone and everything else. Even with all the usual suspects in the media carrying their water the optics and no doubt their own internal polling were so bad they caved in three days. The President set the hook.

This opened the door for Trump to put forth his own proposal addressing very specific elements of the problem and solutions along the lines that he ran his campaign on and which the voters supported by electing him President. This sent some in the conservative blogosphere off the rails once again. (Are you hearing me Ann Coulter?) The President will ignore them as he continues playing his game by his rules.

The Democrats, being what they are, immediately continued their pandering to their hoped for future voting base and condemned the proposal in the vilest of terms. So short sighted and entrenched as their leadership is, they completely miss the fact that they have once again been trolled by the President into exposing that one, the race card is the only one they have and two, that they have no real interest in solving the problem on anything but their own terms. Terms and positions even they can't define. The President has begun to real them into the net.

All of this is of course happening concurrently with the continuing and unfolding scandal at the FBI and Justice Department. Given the way that virtually the entire media and political establishment has and continues to underestimate how skillful a player the President is, I have no doubt that he is somehow planning to merge these two elements together at a soon to arrive moment and in such a way as to both inflict serious political damage on the Democrats and get all the funding and logistics needed to build the wall. At this point the Democrats will have nothing left to do but flop about in the bottom of the boat.

Tump continues to play three dimensional chess while the Democrats are still fiddling with their checkers. He's been doing it since that day he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy. Trump has completely change the political paradigm and the fools still haven't figured it out. The shame is on them as the old saying would go. Good. It's called winning and I'm far from tired of it!


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