Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Out Maneuvering The Enemy.

President Trump's State of the Union address last night showed that in but a single year he has transitioned from a brilliant tactician on the campaign trail to a thorough master of Presidential politics. Throughout his speech he had the Democrats, particularly Nancy Pelosi looking like they were choking on their own bile as bit by bit he out flanked them.

Other than his single thrust through the heart mention of eliminating the hated Obamacare mandate, his tone was conciliatory, positive, forward looking and addressed directly to the pubic.

He wove the experiences of his gallery guests masterfully into his narrative of telling the American people this is what we have done so far and how, and this is what we're going to do going forward and why.

As the speech, admittedly long, ended the Democrats rushed out of the chamber like scalded dogs or were their diapers so full they couldn't get to the cloke room fast enough?

The next few days are going to be amazing to watch as the President's various spokesman continue to strike a positive and conciliatory tone while the Democrats and the media ratchet up the personal assaults and hatred. The political arena is supposed to be a contest of ideas that address the needs of the people and the nation as a whole not endlessly repeated mantras of hatred and contempt.  One can only wonder how quickly the public in general are going to reach a state of negativity overload and just tune out the constant stream of hatred.

Nobody likes to be around people who are constantly bitter and angry, not in their personal lives (ask any divorce lawyer) and not on their television screens. Maybe there is a certain amount of shallowness involved but people tune in to be entertained and amused, not to be lectured to by rich privileged people telling them how stupid they are if they don't agree with them. Just look at the decline in ratings for the NFL and Hollywood's endless stream of self congratulatory award shows that have devolved into political hate fests. It's kind of like watching an exercise in self deception and self defenestration. The President opens the widow to a vision of a better future and the Democrats can't help but throw themselves out.

Democrats deciding how to best show their commitment to hating Trump.

And then there is this memo thing........

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