Wednesday, January 31, 2018

And Yes It Still Stinks.

Nobody really expects the political operative careerists at the FBI or the DOJ to just give up and go away without a very nasty fight. As the scandle gets deeper and deeper it's now looking like Andrew McCabe is being set up as the fall guy, or more like the public is being set  up to accept him as the fall guy so that the rest of the bad actors can escape with their positions, power and pensions intact so as to continue to wage behind the scenes warfare against the President.

Andy McCabe performs his
 expected duty.
I have no doubt that McCabe has been told to fall on his sword in exchange for escaping prosecution and a fat numbered bank account somewhere untraceable.
I also don't doubt that he sat in the back of the car somewhere mumbling like Marlon Brando about "I could'a been a contender. I could'a been somebody!" But then they handed him a bank pass book and a picture of his family. As a Mexican drug Lord would put it, he has a choice"La plata or la plomo". Silver or lead?

But we can dream can't we?

Evidence that yesterday two separate highly placed individuals at the FBI were quoted as saying they had found "no factual inaccuracies" in the House Intelligence Committee memo. Today we get a report that the Director is taking the exact opposite position. What must be understood is not that one or the other is lying of telling the truth but that probably both are engaged in a deliberate attempt to create confusion in order slow any further investigation and hide the real truth, whatever it may be.

Never underestimate the bureaucracy's capacity for duplicity.  This ugliness and crisis is far from over.

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