Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ignorance As Entertainment

If there is one thing that these crazy Californians are doing there call for secession it is living up to their reputation has the entertainment center of America. And we can add to that ignorance Center of America. If there is one thing leftists are good at it is forgetting about unintended consequences.

So just for shits and giggles let's assume this idiocy actually get some traction and then reality starts to drop on their heads like ton of bricks. It will certainly make for great entertainment.

The first and most dramatic consequence would be the US Treasury presenting Sacramento with a few bills. The largest of course would be for California's share of the national debt. Should come to about $3.2 Trillion. Then we have to consider that some 28% of California is Federally owned land. That should amount to another $1.2 Trillion not including all of the Military infrastructure which would be another half a trillion or so at least.

At present California's debt is about $1.2 Trillion. It would overnight increase five fold. Just where does California think they are going to find people stupid enough to buy California bonds? How are they going to replace all the jobs provided by defense companies when they pack up and move to maintain their contracts? How is California going to replace the hundreds of millions of US dollars in circulation? How can they pay their existing debts that are denominated in US dollars when they no longer have no access to US dollars and what ever exchange rate is set will bleed them dry even quicker?

If Californians think their state is going into the economic dumpster now the process will accelerate to warp speed. The immediate consequence will be that all the Malibu moonbats that are pushing this idiocy won't be able to get out of California fast enough. One could only hope that the Trump administration will refuse them entry visas.

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  1. Keep the red counties let the blue take on the liabilities as described. Maybe they can sell bonds denominated in peso's.


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