Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is Someone Inside The Clinton Campaign Setting Her Up?

All the latest media buzz has been about her commercial trying to portray Donald Trump as a racist and guilty by association because some alleged KKK members claims to support Trump.

As much as the Clintons would like to play up these so-called endorsements there hardly remains much of the Klan in either numbers, social or political influence. White supremacists exist primarily in isolated compounds in Northwest.  Like the Klan their presence on the internet is grossly out of proportion to their actual numbers or influence.

That said I highly doubt that any actual connection can be made between Mr. Trump and any of these dubious individuals and their endorsements. But perhaps is Hillary making these accusations from that proverbial glass house?

I'm not speaking of Hillary having claimed former KKK Grand Dragon and West Virgina Senator Robert Bird as her mentor or Bill having claimed Arkansas's avowed racist Senator J. William Fulbright as his own mentor.

No I'm talking about the long list of convicted felons associated with the Clinton's fund raising and money laundering operations.

Webster Hubbell. Former Hillary law firm partner. Pleaded guilty to stealing nearly ,$400,000 from other partners and clients.

Hassan Namazee. Hillary's national finance director during her 2008 campaign and a leading fundraiser for Bill legal defense fund. In 2010 he pleaded guilty to stealing hundreds of millions of dollars to by New York real estate and to funnel into Clinton and other Democrat political campaigns.

Johnny Chung. Chung confessed to funneling illegal Chinese monies into Democrat and Bill Clinton's 1996 reelection campaign. His crimes included delivering a $50,000 check the Hillary's chief of staff in the White House.

Norman Hsu. A former top bundler for Hillary's 2008 campaign until it was revealed that he was an interstate fugitive wanted on a California warrant for bilking millions of dollars from investors in a Ponzi scheme.

Sandy Berger. Berger was a foreign policy advisor to both the Clinton's and then became National Security Advisor during Bill Clinton's term. Berger was later caught stealing files from the National Archive by hiding them in his socks. The files were later recovered from a construction site in Washington DC. Berger was forced to surrender his law licence.

James McDougall. Former Business partner of the Clintons. Was convicted of 18 counts of fraud in connection with his failed savings and loan business and sentenced to prison.

Charlie Trie. Another Chinese campaign bundler who pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations and spiked hgis guts to the Feds on how he and others manipulated the system to pour money into the Democrats and Clinton's campaigns. A Senate investigation concluded he had significant connections to the Chinese government and intelligence operations.

Mark Rich. The biggest crook of them all. Rich was indicted on fraud charges that carried as much as 300 years in prison. He fled to Switzerland to avoid prosecution. In one of Bill's final acts he pardoned Rich, which was soon followed by his ex wife making huge donations to Bill Presidential Library, Hillary's Senate campaign and other Clinton political operation. Even Jimmy Carter dismissed the pardon as "disgusting".

I would like to see Hillary deny that she knew any of these scumbags. But don't worry the MSM isn't about to bring up any of this history. One can only wonder why the Clinton Campaign would deliberately invite such an attack and what the Trump campaign is waiting for. The pile of available rocks to throw is hugh. Time to start breaking some glass.

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