Sunday, June 12, 2016

More Workplace Violence....

Somehow, someway the Obama administration and the Clinton campaign will try and spin the South Florida Slaughter as something, anything other than an act of irrational Islamic violence. In fact the spin has already begun with media talking heads trotting out the killer's father saying that his son was outraged after seeing two men kissing in public a few weeks or days previously. Of course they don't mention that his inspiration for his violent reaction came straight out of his Islamic upbringing. Because of course we all know that Islam is a "religion of peace" and that as a first generation American he was of course completely integrated and assimilated into America's culture of tolerance and respect.

Some how I don't think the spin Drs. are going to succeed no matter how many RPMs they put on it. This horrendous incident is going to get juxtapositioned with the story that the Obama administration is admitting at least a hundred unvetted "Syrians" every single day.

I would surmise that Trump's speech writers are busily doing a major revision right now and are going to hang this albatros so tightly around Hillary's neck that that there will be little if any chance of her wiggling loose, and the further into the campaign we get the more the rot and stench of that dead carcass will become. Hillary will be on permanent defence and even her offensive lobs won't be able to clear the wall and even if they do they will fall far short of effective range.

Hopefully Trump will open his speech on Monday with a call for prayers for the dead and wounded, their families and friends who will still be in shock and mourning. They will be asking how this happened and who is responsible for giving a radicalised Muslim a security licence and firearm permit. Then Mr. Trump is going to lay the blame squarely at Hillary's and Obama's feet for all to see.

Hillary is finished, kaput. So are the Democrats. It's even to late to try and trot out drunken old Joe Biden as an alternative because as VP he is as up to his neck in this as much as Hillary and Obama.

The desperation inside the Clinton campaign and the White House must be palpable. I don't live in DC but I'd almost bet that the stench of fear can be smelled from outside the fence. Hiding on a golf course on Martha's Vineyard won't be far enough away for Obama to escape the anger and fear.

As I've said before I'd look to see Obama to step back and let the DoJ convene a grand jury then grant Hillary a full blanket pardon, the resign with just enough time for a President Biden to pardon Obama and the they all skip off to Dubai or the UAEto, someplace, anyplace with no extradition treaty, to hide in some multi million dollar condo haunted by the ghost of Idi Amin.

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