Tuesday, June 14, 2016

More Unsurprising Revelations

In days following any horrific act such as happened in Orlando there are a string of speculations and revelations about the perpetrator concerning their mental stability, sexual proclivities and or FBI complicity and or incompetence.

It was quickly revealed that this particular piece of dirt was of Afghan decent and that his father was a outspoken supporter of the Afghan Taliban. This raises the question of if this was known why wasn't he expelled in the days and weeks after the 9-11 attacks. That he wasn't and his son subsequently became radicalized as well should surprise no one.

This piece of human garbage had already been accused by his ex-wife that he was physically  abusive. Today it was revealed by investigators that he had visited the scene of his crime numerous times and that he had used gay dating web sites and had attempted to get a former room mate to go out with him. His ex has further stated that she thought he was gay.

This all is compounded by the FBI's own revelation that it had twice investigated him because fellow workers and associates reported him as having made claims about having contacts with radical groups and, praised the 9-11 attacks and made threatening comments. Due to pressure from Obama administration officials no doubt, the FBI concluded that those reporting him were simply "racial profiling" and that this was another case of "nothing to see here, move along". So when is the agent or agents (or Attorney General) responsible for such a horrendous conclusion going to be fired and stripped of their pension?

As concerned citizens we must ask ourselves and our public officials: Are there any dots to be connected here and where do they lead?

It is little discussed but widely know that the sexual abuse of young children, especially young boys is widely practiced in much of the Islamic world of South Central Asia. A practice that probably predates even Alexander the Great. Further there have been reports that DoD officials had instructed direct field commanders in Afghanistan to ignore incidents of child rape because it is a "cultural issue". Are these people insane? Recently a US Special Forces soldier was finally reinstated to duty after he had been Court Martialed for beating the crap out of an Afghan officer who he had caught rapeing a young boy.

Can there be any but little doubt that given the Orlando Slaughterer's father's Taliban sympathies that he also "culturally" raped and abused his own son? That abused boy, then grew up in a nation where the very nature of his upbringing was regarded as criminal and subject to the heaviest of penalties of law. Can there be any doubt that this contributed to the sexual confusion and mental imbalance that led to such a horrific end?

Under such circumstances how can anyone of legal or moral authority continue to tell us that Islam is a religion of peace, or that we should not slam the door shut to the entrance of any more individuals for whom this kind of moral depravity is to be regarded as normal or a "cultural issue" beyond consideration in making rational decisions of national security?

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