Monday, January 18, 2016

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today is the day that respectable Americans honor MLK Jr. by showing respect for both what he accomplished and tried to accomplish. It's also a day many of those same Americans shake their heads in disgust for the societal perversions that have been committed in his name. If there was ever supposed to be a legacy of what he wanted both for American blacks and America itself it was the desire that "All god's children be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin." If one were listening carefully at his tomb in Atlanta this morning one might have heard him groan and turn over in his grave.

King's dreams of racial equality are long since gone. The good Dr's. dream has been distorted into a demand for privileges not earned, for respect demanded not commanded, for never ending placations for never ending failures. Failures in education, failures in social development and integration.

The perversions only get deeper with each passing day. From what was supposed to be the "hand up" of affirmative action has become the never ending, family destroying hand out based on every pathetic excuse that could be dreamed up in the sick leftist mind. What was at first expressed as "white guilt", the foolish notion that blacks failed to prosper because white people were at best oblivious to their suffering. Never mind that that suffering is often self imposed. It white America's fault. This diseased argument is now being deliberately metastasized in "the structural racism of being white." I kid you not. There is no end to the distortion and perversion of language and reason that these social saboteurs will not resort to.

Yes there have been great strides in black integration. There are no more "Whites only" signs on public accommodations, there are more middle and upper class blacks in America than ever before and that's the way it should be. But the cost of that achievement has been terrible. It has created a Frankenstein's monster that worse than just plaguing society, those who gave it life refuse to see it as the results of their work. So then they demand even more limbs be grafted on to the monster. Another dose of poison must be force fed to white America so as to "cure" the disease of white European, Christian culture. Don't ever kid yourself, that is the goal, not elevating "oppressed" blacks.

Objective standards be damned, the old adage about leading a horse to water still applies.
For every prosperous black family that has come out of being given opportunity there are hundreds of of unwed mothers raising children who don't have and will never have any sense of family structure,. Children for whom the closest thing to a father figure is a pimp or a drug dealer. Even at best they are fed the false notion that the only way out of the ghetto is sports. But for every young black kid who succeeds as a basketball player or football player there are hundreds if not thousands who don't and then go through life thinking they got cheated, never thinking that if they had worked as hard at learning a marketable skill and learning to speak proper English that it would carry them farther in life than fantasies of bling and hos.

So now we have quite deliberately bread roaming packs of feral animals that prey upon anyone they perceive as "other". And given any provocation these packs merge into swirling mobs of looting and destruction. Not because the give damn about worthless thugs like Michael Brown or Freddy Grey but because they have been brought up being told that they are entitled to things they haven't earned and this has bread a mindset that no matter what they are given they are entitled to more and if they don't get what they want they will take what they want and will have no compunctions about using violence to get it.

It all comes back to MLK Jr's. dream. Sadly I'd bet that a large percentage of urban blacks don't know what it was never mind what having character means. Neither do they understand that they are being used in a larger game of fascist social control by people who pay them lip service in exchange for their votes and then fully expect them to return to the hell holes of the ghetto while they go back to their gated communities or academic halls to pen another screed about outer peoples racism.

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