Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Metastasizing The Disease.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am no fan of the Bush clan, an as incompetent a lot of inbred political hacks as there ever was. That doesn't change the fact however that through the entire arc of W's presidency the disdain, bile and open hatred that flowed out of the political left towards him reached new depths of incivility. So frequent was it that it  took on a name of its own; Bush derangement syndrome.

The symptoms of the disease my have gone into remission somewhat upon his leaving office but the methodology of the virus, the intellectual cancer itself never really went away, like any other retro viruses and cancers it metastasizes throughout the body (politic) only to be called forth by the self described wizards of political sorcery when the next target appeared to threaten their grip on their current interpretation of political orthodoxy.

That target is now of course Donald Trump. The proof of my above thesis is that he is not just the target of the hard left and Democrats but the RINO Republicans who I won't dignify as referring to them as being on the right but rather just not as far left as the Democrats.  The disease's reemergence is evident to anyone who has bothered to follow this political season in the least. Tuesday's announcement that Sarah Palin is endorsing Trump, immediately following his "I will defend Christianity" speech at Liberty University has brought out a particularly nasty fever ridden flair up of the disease.

Noted chicken choking expert/fan?
This includes one particularly deranged comment, from a so-called Republican expert, one Rick Wilson, that Trump's support was made up of  "single, childless young men, who spend their time masturbating to anime." Perhaps Mr. Wilson might explain to us just how is it that he is so familiar with chicken choking to Japanese porno cartoons? On that one question alone I might rest my case.

Inspiring frantic intellectual masturbation.
It seems to me however that Sarah Palin is a private citizen and has the right to endorse whom ever she wants. If Trump wants to accept her endorsement and enthusiastically promote it, well he's still a private citizen as well, so that's his business.  The more pertinent question would be; If Ms. Palin is to be regarded as a political light weight and her opinion of little or no meaningful consequence, why are all these so-called political experts running around with their knickers in such a twist?

Unless she launches into full campaign mode with own tour schedule and numerous joint appearances with Trump, I doubt her endorsement will be long remembered. What the pundit class won't say, is that they are scared shitless that it will have a more immediate, if short term impact in Iowa and give Trump just that much more momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina, effectively burying any hopes they still have of derailing Trump or creating the possibility of a brokered convention. If there is one thing you can count on the "experts" for it is that they will never tell you the true motives for their rantings. Otherwise, as John Nance Garner once said, the opinions of Tucker Carlson, Megan McCain, Glen Beck, Rick Wilson etc. etc. "ain't worth a bucket of warm spit."


  1. I don't know Tucker Carlson, have mixed feelings about Glen Beck, but Megan McCain (daughter of an elitist traitor to conservatism) and Rick Wilson are indeed a lower form of slime, but it amazes me that anyone would even care what they thought.

  2. You were right on the money about the RINOS. NR has just shown their true colors. Ironic. NR used to be conservative central. After Buckley's rambling tone poem on anti-Semitism I lost interest in the magazine. Or, more precisely, when I read Sobran side-by-side with NR it was clear that NE was washed up.

    1. Slavery may have been America's original sin, but antisemitism is the world's. I can think of no other subject that brings MSN to lower depths of mental imbalance. Yet so many persist in feeding on its venom like heroin addicts in spite of the evidence of its poison and the destruction it leaves behind on almost every level.


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