Thursday, May 8, 2014

And Now They Just Make Stuff Up.

I encountered a individual last night, who claimed to be a Ukrainian American, (I grow suspicious when such claims are made right up front), who put forth the spurious notion that there was "nothing special" about the way Ukrainians were starved in the early 1930's.  After making this dubious claim (s)he quickly slipped onto what is the universal dismissal accusation, namely words to the effect that "there are fascist in Ukraine".  My response is below.

"Oh bull crap. If the death rate across the entire Soviet Union had matched the death rate in the Ukraine there wouldn't have been any Soviet Union left. Stalin and his pals committed genocide against the Ukrainians for having dared to try and break away and form their own nation during the Russian civil war. For this they came under attack by both the Reds and the Whites. During this period the concept of fascism was but a dream in Mussolini's mind. I'm not saying there weren't bad conditions all over created by forced collectivization. However it was only in the Ukraine where the 'Law of Spikelets' were put In place that made it a DEATH PENELTY OFFENCE to glean food from fields that had already been harvested. The people could also be imprisoned for 10 years or even executed for possessing food that had not been distributed by the government. These were the 'Laws of the Wheat Ears'. So go stuff you ass covering Kremlin propaganda where the sun don't shine. Were there and are there fascists in Ukraine? Yes and they were driven in to the arms of fascism by the depredations of the Holodomor. Unsophisticated and desperate people all to often fall into the trap of thinking 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend.' "

The Russians consider Ukraine to be an integral part of Russia and that decision is theirs and theirs alone to make.  Any Ukrainians who think differently are "enemies of the state".  No contrary argument or opinions will be tolerated. 

Just ask yourself one question; it Ukrainians didn't identify themselves as a separate nation and peoples, they why did the declare their independence from Russia in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union?  Don't hold your breath waiting for an answer, at least not an honest one.

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