Sunday, January 26, 2014

Is The Coming Week Going To Be The One We Have Been Warning About?

Well I won't stick my neck out that far just yet but every indication is that it's going to be highly volatile week at the very least.  If the last few years have taught us anything it is to not underestimate the central bank's ability to print even more vast quantities of monopoly money to cover up the failures of fiat policy. 

After closing out last week on the DJIA with two down days in a row and Friday alone down 318 points; the DJIA futures are showing an opening position down a further 335 points as of 3:00 PM EDLST.  If fact all of the markets (those covered on Bloomberg at least) with the exception of China's smaller CSI index, are showing in the red across the board.

You were warned!

Both the Turkish Lira and the Argentine Peso (again) are in free fall.  The Venezuelan Bolivar has already been devalued another 40% but that is largely just plain old socialist ineptitude and corruption.  How many other national currencies teeter on the brink is hard to tell but I would bet it's more than a few.

The question then becomes; Just how much more monopoly money is new FED chairman Janet Yellen prepared to print and dump into global markets to stem the fall and how quickly can she do it?  Any hesitation may prove to be instantaneously fatal.  Not that even quick action will do anything but slow the trend.  To reverse it at this point is all but impossible.

The key will be the response to more US printing by the central bankers and finance ministers across the globe and how effective US pressure will be on them not to start dumping US and other national debt paper.  If private holders of Treasury paper start selling and the rates climb in response to falling prices the only choice left may be the suspend the markets under the guise of "waiting for cooler heads to prevail."

Then there will be the reaction of the individual bank depositor to take into account.  The backlash to HSBC's attempt last week to impose withdrawal limits was swift and decisive, leading HSBC to announce that they felt that policy was justified as in the customer's best interest but will be rescinded never the less.

So if you have spent at least a modicum of effort to prepare and defend yourself against this eventuality, sit back and watch and perhaps indulge in a bit of schadenfreude.  The rest of you; Well you were warned now weren't you?  And no neither Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush will be able to save you from your stubborn refusal to believe any of this was even possible.


  1. Let me ask a rather sophisticated and dangerous question.

    How did the FEDERAL ZIONIST RESERVE BANK, a private stockholder owned banking institution, usurp authority and control of the U.S. currency from the Department of the Treasury?


    1. Firstly the Federal Reserve Act was, like Obamacare, only passed after debate was cut off and sufficient criminal acts of bribery and/or extortion had taken place. (It's notable that at the end of his life even the proto-fascist Woodrow Wilson regretted having supported it and signing it into law).

      Secondly I don't see every corrupt greedy act by bankers and their ilk as part of some vast Zionist conspiracy. Greed and self-interest are ubiquitous and universal. In fact they are a necessary part of a healthy economy. Are there greedy, corrupt and Jewish bankers? Of course, but there are just as many if not more greedy, corrupt, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and atheist bankers.

      Falling into the trap of seeing “Zionist” conspiracies is just another aspect of the Fabian Socialist’s means of perpetuating the false left vs. right paradigm that they use very effectively to control the ignorant.

  2. The printing will continue until, likme Greece, they run out of ink!

  3. How dare these peasants think that their money is actually theirs! Let them eat Bitcoins!


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