Tuesday, December 3, 2013

What A Surprise, Paul Krugman Is Still An Idiot.

In Keynesian Paul's latest screed he demands that the minimum wage be raised now.  My guess is that the only females giving him any cred or attention work at McDonalds. 

Well maybe this idiot thinks just because he can afford to pay $12.95 for a bad hamburger and fries that the rest of us can as well.  Granted we aren't going to "drive to China" for a burger and fries, but at those prices we're not going to drive to McDonald's either.  Just where will those prices leave all those minimum wage entry level workers?  Out on the street that's where, along with their managers and the franchise owners. 

If Krugman is as smart as he thinks he is why doesn't he start a burger joint and pay his workers $15.00 an hour to start and charge that $12.95 for a burger and fries.  He won't, because he has no idea what is involved in meeting a payroll and making a profit.  Remember that this is the same idiot who said in 2002 that in order to get us out of the 9-11 and dot com bust slump that the FED needed to create a new bubble in the housing market.  Gee Paul that worked out just great.  Maybe we should just hope that he would choke to death on a $12.00 hamburger and spare the rest of us from ever having to listen to his dangerous and destructive pseudo-intellectual blather ever again.


Krugman and his ilk live in a fantasy world of academic theory that has no relationship to reality.  In short his kind of thinking (if you want to call it that) is the problem not the solution.

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