Sunday, May 23, 2021

Follow up to previous post.

Kane the owner of CFP has asked me to leave and not come back. Imagine my surprise. The following was my reply.

 Fat chance. It's a term many use to distinguish between decent hard working honest blacks and the criminals who lack any measure of decency and self control. I don't hesitate to call whites with the same problem cracker trash either. I dare say I've spent more time working with blacks and dealing with their everyday problems than you ever will.

Tell us then how many times have you been sued by blacks for trying to protect them under contractual obligations just because the final legal decision didn't go their way or they didn't want the rules that applied to everyone else to apply to them?

So maybe try to prove my contentions wrong. Or have you just become another sanctimonious fool pounding his chest saying "look at me I called out a racist?"  Or are you just another coward afraid of being cancelled by silicon valley?

Truths can be ugly and they don't know color or race. I thought you knew that but I guess I was wrong. The 13-50 problem is real and it is racial not racist, like it or not. Refusing to acknowledge it is a form of racism far worse than saying groid because it perpetuates the suffering of the victims, both black and white and creates even more of them. The sooner we admit it and address it openly the sooner if can be fixed.

You need to do some serious thinking. You're either part of the solution or you are part of the problem. That problem being refusing to face ugly truths head on and instead pretending they don't exist.

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  1. Mildly surprising from CFP. ZeroHedge went to light moderation under pressure from Google who threatened loss of revenue. Your comment was very mild -- and true -- so I suspect there was a financial angle to this.


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