Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Great Schism To Come.

Hey let me say right up front that I might be completely full of it here or history may well prove me wrong. But some how I doubt that I am the first to entertain the thoughs I am preparing to present. So fair reader, judge for yourself. Examine the hypothesis in it's own light and the light of what you yourself have certain knowledge of. Make your own decisions. Praise, condemn, interweave or be the formulator of another idea...but don't be ambivilent or uncertain.

There has got to be a split, but it becomes more clear at least to me that BOTH parties are faceing the same crisis of division. The Democrats over extreamist points of view, ie communists challenging the Democrat establishment that will become increasingly incompatible the the main stream Democrats.

As to the Republicans they are still dealing with the Never Trumpers neocons who are rapidly losing influence and the dedicated and yes sometimes fanatical supporters of President Trump.

So what then is really preventing the Never Trumpers from abandoning the President and the "allegedly" moderate Democrats abandoning and discrediting the extremeist elements and expelling them from the party only to try and defuse the growing populism in both Trump and the extremist communist. Then joining together to form a new party of national unity.

The thaughts are of course if that they can purge the out of the closet communist from the Democrat party and the Trumpite nationalists from the RINO neocon Republican party. I think they are mistaken however. Yes the Young blood that is moving into those positions held by those of the Vietnam war era is far more radical. As such they will be much more impulsive and egar and willing to fly under the banner of the Democratic Socialists and say to hell with the Democrat Party.

There are no doubt plenty of Trump supporters who would gladly cast off the likes of Paul Ryan Jeff Flake and Mitch McConnell among others and they should. But I think there is a greater percentage of Trump supporters who will negotiate with the party to secure greater control over Congress.

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