Friday, May 18, 2018

So Here We Go Again. Part 1.

Another Tragedy In Texas.

Another young man has gone of the rails and slaughtered his fellow students.

There are still lots of facts to be determined but here is my bet.

This kid complained to his parents and or the school counciler. Then then dispatched him into the hands of a psychologist or psychiatrist who then proceeded to pump his young and still not fully formed mind full of psycotropic drugs.

He then went home and either continued or started smoking weed to further compensate for his sense of inadaquacy.

He then sank deeper into psychosis, the Dr. then upped the meds and made things worse. The perfect recipe for a decent into chaos.

But rather than lay the blame at the feet of Dr. and the drug companies that agressivly market these powerful drugs, the NRA and the 2nd amendment will be immediately assessed by the media and the SJW army as the only party to be blamed.

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