Sunday, October 22, 2017

To All The Petulant Children Of The NFL Players Association:

Is it the NFL the (former) fans are angry with, or is it you, a bunch of overpaid, self-absorbed, athletes that they have simply had enough of? Or perhaps both? Face it, you characters have been pampered, catered to and all but worshiped since at least high school.

Many of you apparently think that the whole world needs to accede to your political will. Guess what ass holes, we don't and we won't. The reaction to your childishness has been the essence of capitalism and democracy. Voting with our feet, our wallets and turning off the TV! Ha ha ha!

I can't wait for the product endorsement and merchandising contracts start drying up as the (again former) fans start boycotting those products that continue to feature you overgrown ignorant children. The leftists pulling the stings you dance to have said since before the election that they are "at war" with America and what it stands for. Well boys, you may all be rich but we of the (former) fan base wield far more cumulative economic power than the whole bunch of you spoiled brats. Just where do you think the money comes from that pays your over inflated salaries?

As the TV ratings continue to decline, so will the ad revenue and the network payments to the league. Same with the big tax breaks and sweetheart real estate deals (i.e. bribes) that cities give the owners to locate their teams and build their stadiums.

Apparently there aren't a whole lot of you players who never took or paid much if any attention in economics classes. Football is a business like any other. And when a business starts losing money they either cut expenses or close their doors. So just where do you think the owners are going to go to make up for that lost revenue? STRAIGHT TO YOUR SALARIES AND BONUSES THAT'S WHERE.

It may be late but it's about time you self-important children learned some hard lessons in life. Namely that actions have consequences and that they are usually the unintended kind. Basically it comes down to the fact that you need us, the former fans, a lot more than we need you. I hate to say it but maybe it's time for soccer or rugby to become a major sport and we leave football to the past.

Oh and one more thing.

To Cam Newton specifically:

Maybe the press made a big deal about you saying that you "find it funny" when a woman asks you about passing routes but what they were really doing is making cover for your completely callus, insensitive and profoundly ignorant remark about Colin Kapernick having made "the ultimate sacrifice". 

Are you really so stupid as to think that the relatives and friends of all those servicemen and women who have actually died or been wounded and maimed for life, made the real ultimate sacrifice, would just let that just slide? You owe our veterans and their families a sincere and very public apology. Otherwise we will gladly sit back and watch your career and sport wither and die.

Cam, this is what the ultimate sacrifice looks like.
For many of them this is what marks their graves.


A very, very angry FORMER fan.

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