Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Wonderful Dose Of Irony.

It has been reported on several occasions that Canada has been facing a large influx of illegal aliens fleeing possible deportation from the US as part of ICE doing its job. It seems however, contrary to many years of Canada lecturing Americans about our being intolerant and unwelcoming, that these holier than tho Canadians are finding that the unrestricted flow of largely uneducated, low IQ and often disease infested aliens has a large negative economic impact.

Some how I doubt they a ready for a Canadian
winter. Come November they will be begging to
 be sent back to Florida. Hey Justin, they're yours.
It also seems that these sanctimonious Canadians are particularly uncomfortable with the large numbers of Haitians that have been crossing at an obscure crossing point at Champlain NY. Now you would think Canadians, especially French Canadians would be welcoming to "refugees" from the only other French speaking nation in the western hemisphere.

Apparently not, as military troops have been brought in to help confine the influx to tent cities. Tent cities that one might honestly expect will eventually turn in to refugee camps whose underlying purpose will be to prevent them from spreading into the cities and creating scenes of chaos as are now being created I'm Paris and elsewhere in France where Africans are living on the streets and turning them into garbage strewn open sewers.

As far as I'm concerned the Canadians should keep them and do what they want with them beyond that, except of course send them back here. I also have no doubt that as far as them being granted refugee status by the Canadian government the Haitians will be low priority and that actual French fleeing the chaos in Europe will be at the top of the list, if not given expedited status. The Haitians will be largely kept confined to refugee centers, out of sight is out of mind after all.

Could it be that someone in the Trudeau government has realized that these people cannot and will not ever assimilate into western culture? After all just how many domestics do the elite of Montreal and Quebec City really need?

Pass the escargot, frog legs and horse meat steaks please!


  1. Canada may not generally be aware that Haiti is the largest reservoir of AIDS in the Western Hemisphere, larger by per capita measure than Africa, IIRC. Putting them in a tent city - and _keeping_ them there - is the smartest thing they can do, short of deporting them, as they should.

  2. The Canadians elected an incompetent, grinning, idiot simply out of some misplaced!Aced nostalgic delusions about his father. Stupid ok!Itical decisions result in dangerous political consequences. I suspect this won't be the last.


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