Sunday, July 30, 2017

One Final Betrayal.

Hopefully for the last time John McCain has betrayed the American people in the name of making sure that he is the center of attention.

Last week he returned to the Senate floor to make a speech excoriating the Senate itself for "not getting anything done". Then he turn right around and voted to make sure nothing will get done.

The old saying is that one shouldn't speak ill of the dead. Well this miserable old bastard isn't dead yet and deserves all the possible scorn that can be thrown his way. I don't buy for one minute that being diagnosed with a fatal disease suddenly imparts either wisdom of character, especially where none has previously existed.

A one way ticket through
the Plutonian Gates await
John McStain with the jaws
of Cerberus close on his heels.
McStain (and no that is not a typo) has never done anything that didn't put the focus on himself first and foremost. Rather than resigning and going to spend his final moments with family contemplating his mortality I'm sure he would rather croak on the Senate floor clamoring for yet another war and bellowing "Look at me, look at me!" one last time.

I have not the slightest doubt that Charon is anxious to load his sorry carcass on the Stygian ferry and Cerberus is salivating at the prospect of chewing on his ass and chasing him through the Plutonian gates. If only that vision could be played into the heads of Washington politician every night as they go to bed.

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  1. He is such an "alpha hotel" that his family probably doesn't want him around, either, and no self-respecting hooker would stick around more than five minutes after meeting him.

    I'm not ashamed to say I hope he isn't lying about a fatal cancer just to garner some attention. It would really suck, be totally disappointing, if it isn't true, and we have to suffer his presence for more than a few more months.

    I wish we could send him to whatever camp the remaining Vietnam MIAs have been living in, to finish out his time, instead of having him around, harassing the rest of us.


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