Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Load of Maskirovka.

In a recent piece at theimaginitiveconservative.org author Peter Strzelecki Rieth reaches back into Alexander Solzhenitsyn's works about not "abandoning" ethnic Russians in Ukraine.  He even makes a dubious analogy of the "false Dimitris" of the 1600s to justify Russian intervention in Ukraine.  He even forwards the absurd idea that Ukraine should more fear an Polish invasion than a Russian one!  What a load of horse feathers.  Even if one were to entertain such 400 year old foolishness then the Ukrainians are more than justified in reaching back to the last 200 odd years of Russian imperialist suppression of Ukrainian culture.  Starting with banning the teaching of their language in schools and progressing all the way through to the mass starvation and deportations of the Holodomor and the Great Terror of the 1930s. 

Not only did Stalin starve, slaughter and deport millions of Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Jews  and other ethnic minorities, he also purged and executed those same minorities out of the NKVD and the Communist Party.  By the time the Germans invaded in June of 1941 all the bureaucracies of the Soviet Union were dominated and controlled by ethnic Russians and Stalin's own Georgians.  All while Stalin and his Russians were slaughtering these minorities he was moving ethnic Russians into the towns and villages that had been vacated by his machines of death. 

All the various constituent republics of the Soviet Empire didn't declare their independence out of some great love of for their Russian occupiers.  The list of their resentments and grievances is almost endless.    So then if Russia is allowed to prevail in carving up Ukraine as it sees fit, what does this foretell for the similarly "Sudatenized" areas of all the other former Soviet Republics?

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