Friday, October 5, 2012

Just What's Wrong With Your Typical "Republican."

Just recently one of my fellow posters on a comment page in my local newspaper attempted to take me to task for some, what he thought was hash criticism, of the resident leftists and encouraging me to “step back and take a deep breath" because after all it was just “entertainment.”  That this individual is normally of a pretty conservative bent I was thoroughly enraged by his admonition.   That far to many Americans and conservatives ones too boot consider the political process little more than “entertainment” is a large part of how we have gottten into such a mess.  Complacency has led to ignorance and it will lead to bondage.

I responded to him as follows:

With all due respect to your normally conservative perspective I must disagree and heartily so. These are not "normal" times where we would have the luxury of regarding the election process, the candidates and the proposals they make as mere "entertainment." That far to many people have done so for far to long is exactly why the Republic and indeed western civilization itself is in such peril. We have bought into the crap of "moral relativism" for far too long. That the decline of the Republic has paralleled the public eating this crap sandwich is NOT coincidental.

As a nation and a people we have "gone along to get along" for far too long and it has brought us to the brink of financial ruin. It has allowed us to tolerate a brutal, inhuman, totalitarian political philosophy to enter our midst just because it masquerades as a religion.

So do I consider any of these characters, these "useful idiots" as Lenin called them, my personal enemies? No, not unless I should have the distinct displeasure of actually meeting one of them. But I do consider them to be enemies "domestic" of the Republic. I seem to recall having sworn an oath to protect it from just such as them.

If all this leads some in here to judge me as strident or inflexible so be it. I hardly take into consideration the opinions of individuals who clearly have no grasp of history beyond their own limited recollections. None of them, not a single one dared answer my questions about fiscal and physical economy nor my question why the founders kept the works of Tacitus, Cicero and Plutarch close at hand. Those two facts alone tell us all we need to know about depth of their thought process and the so-called validity of their opinions.

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