Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Silver Dreams of Cheap Gas and Bread and Circuses

So now we have a new distraction to keep our attention focused away from the pickpockets of Wall Street. Our military and intelligence teams that made it possible to bring Osama Bin Laden to his just reward deserve all the congratulations and praise for a job well done, that are coming their way. But in the long term it will not change the ongoing deterioration of either our economy or the overall foolishness of thinking that fiat currency has any real value just because Uncle Ben Bernanke and Tiny Tim Geitner say so.

Look at it this way.
In 1964 gasoline was $0.25 a gallon, today its $4.00 a gallon.

In 1964 LBJ removed all silver from American coinage and recalled all Silver Certificate currency bills.

Today a 1964 90% silver quarter ($0.25) has a melt value of $8.00.

In 1964 a 16 gallon tank could be filled for $4.00.

Today a 16 gallon tank costs $64.00.

BUT if we were still using silver coinage and Silver Certificates that $0.25 face value quarter would buy you 2 gallons of gasoline and you could fill your 16 gallon tank for only $2.00!

So before you go complaining about the oil companies and speculators “ripping you off,” ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. Was it the oil companies or the politicians and the bankers who put us this road to fiat currency ruin by taking us off the silver standard?

2. Was it oil companies or the politicians and bankers who sold off ALL of our nations silver reserves?

3. How is it that as the politicians keep getting those fat campaign contributions and the bankers on Wall Street keep getting those fat yearend bonuses checks, you get up every morning and worry about how much gas and food have gone up and will you have a job next week.

But hey we do have your bread and circuses! Osama Bin Laden is dead, the dollar may take a dead cat bounce off of the .73 level for a few days, so all is well, right? After all its NBA and NHL playoff season, Baseball is just getting started, so we can get lost in that for awhile. At least until the cable company comes along and pulls the plug because your unemployment ran out.

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  1. My my, how quickly the acts in the big ring change. From Trump and birth certificates to OBL. What will keep the masses entertained (distracted) next week?
    Perhaps next week we can be amused by a trade off of extending Unemployment benefits for raising the debt ceiling. Anything is possible.


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