Friday, April 25, 2014

The Uglyness Continues to Grow Part 2

Today we were treated to a vacuous piece from one intellectually narrow minded if not completely disingenuous Newt Gingrich shallowly comparing the situation in Ukraine to the period just prior to the start of WW I.

Newt, as per his usual, completely misses the point of drawing parallels to the run up to WW I.  Even prior to the assassination of Crown Prince Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo the Austro-Hungarians had been in engaged in a long series of attempts to economically blackmail the Serbs into acceding to Austria-Hungary's full control of the remains of the Ottoman Empire in what is now known as the former Yugoslavia, including control of Serbia's debt and currency. It was a war of "economic sanctions" long before it became a hot war.

Combine the "economic warfare" and the hubris and arrogance displayed by both sides today and you have a near mirror image of 1914. But instead of fighting over the remains of the Ottoman Empire they're fighting over in what form the old Tsarist Empire will be allowed to re-emerge if at all.

The Russians are horse blinderd by their ages old dreams of resurgent pan-Slavic empire (dominated by Russia) and a larger place on the global stage.  The Obama administration is similarly blinderd by their own delusions of intellectual and/or moral superiority and that they and they alone can, by shear force of will, keep things from getting out of control.

One man with Browning Model 1910 .380 auto proved the masters of the universe wrong in 1914.  It will only take a single incident to prove this century's batch of arrogant fools wrong as well.

God help us all, because it will be the rest of us, who just want to live and raise our families in peace, who will have to pay the blood soaked price for the arrogance of the elitist fools on both sides.

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