Saturday, January 16, 2016

The Denied, Undeniable Truth.

During his State of the Union speech President Oblivious stated that anyone who said America's economy wasn't healthy was spreading lies. This coming from someone who admitted that he did not watch enough social media to gauge the depth of public reaction to the Islamic assault in San Bernardino.

So I guess it's just a figment of my imagination that the DJIA is down over 400 points this morning or even more importantly that the largest retailer in the country, Walmart announced this morning that it is going to lay off 16,000 and close "100s of stores". Either the President truly is oblivious or is being deliberately being fed bad information by his advisers or they see such facts as evidence that they are getting ever closer to achieving their goal of destroying the country as a constitutional republic.

It seems pretty clear that Obama and his inner circle have become so narrowly focused on hyper-accelerating the destruction of the American Republic in his last year in office that there is no reality, no facts that are going to deter them from that goal. That they have announced that they are going to pursue a path of "audacious executive actions" in this last year is proof positive of this goal.

They must feel that they are so close to that goal, that if they can continue for another year that the damage will be so complete that no succeeding President or Congress will be able to reverse it.

Sadder still for the Republic and the citizens thereof, the ostensibly Republican controlled Congress, all their protestations to the contrary sits in those hallowed halls, emasculated and gutless cowards, incapable of or unwilling to muster the fortitude to obstruct the administration's tyranny on any front.

I genuinely fear that short of the next President declaring a global reset of all international debts the Democrats/socialist/communist plan may be all but complete. It would be foolish to think that the economic globalization plans, that have been pursued by BOTH parties at the behest of Wall Street financial interests aren't part and parcel of this overarching goal.

Viewed in such a light their are a couple of very frightening parallels with the rise of fascist Germany that should be pointed out.

During the rise of the Nazis it is pretty well established that the German financial community thought that Hitler and his party could be and would be controlled by their influence through such persons as Hjalmar Schracht  who had been head of the German Central Bank and was soon appointed as Hitlers finance minister. The Nazis however made it quite clear that this "controlling" relationship was going to be reversed and in short order. They announced this with the theme of the first Nazi Party convention after seizing control of the government upon President Hindenberg's death: "We Command The State".

It was not just Jewish business owners that were forced to sell at extortionist prices and under threat of incarceration.  Yes businesses and banks could remain in the hands of ostensibly "private ownership" but only so long as those owners demonstrated loyalty to the party and performed in accordance with the directives of the state. To do otherwise and they quickly got the "Jewish" treatment and their company would then be securely in the hands of someone who did comply.

As far as these German bankers were concerned their best interest was Germany's best interest and that should the interests of the state (the banks) and the interests party diverge, those of the state/banks would remain supreme. Seems they bought into Mussolini's definition of fascism as the merger of state and corporate interests but fell victim to the Nazi's Nietzcheian force of will and the F├╝hrerstadt.

So here we sit today in the "post World War II world" and our contemporary bankers have indeed achieved the goal of merging corporate and state interests, this time with financial interests reigning supreme over both the state and the people. Worse still our politicians have become little more than the facilitating instruments of this contemporary fascism.

So what will it take to start to reverse the pendulum? Donald Trump? I honestly don't know. But I do know it's not any of the other candidates, especially Clinton or Bush. I also know that when the major financial institutions start talking seriously about charging negative interest rates as a solution, that they and the world is on the brink of mass insanity if not open rebellion.

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